Wealth Management is an important part of our service to you and encompasses both the growing and protecting of your hard earned investments.

We have chosen to work with Cape Berkshire Asset Management, who run 5 risk-adjusted, multi-asset portfolios, on a discretionary basis for our clients. The discretionary nature of these portfolios allows them to generate real returns based on swift implementation of both strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions. It also allows them to save you money by investing in passively, rather than actively, managed funds, thereby removing the need to pay an external party for asset allocation.

You can have confidence that whichever grouping we place a portion of your estate in it will be focused on achieving the objectives in the medium to long term set out to you by your dedicated adviser.

Most client funds will be invested in retail products using regulated UCIT compliant funds but we also have specialist parts of our Wealth Management proposition that provides investment in unlisted equities, many qualifying for Seed EIS or EIS status and allows some to invest in UCIS funds. Please ask your adviser if these could form part of your wealth management service with Consulo Wealth Solutions.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is at the forefront of everything we do. Our specialists will guide you through all the important decisions and work out planning solutions for you. We don’t see this as a one-time effort; we this as an evolving process.
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Corporate Planning

Creating your own qualifying pension scheme could work better as a benefit and retention tool for a wider range of staff.
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Tax Planning

Taxation can be complex with the ever changing rules, reliefs and allowances, so it’s important to make sure you are up-to-date so that you can make your personal finance more tax efficient.
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Our investment process is summarised in our dedicated Investment Process document attached here and summarised in the sections below: